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Coronavirus: Donald Trump to be tested after meeting Brazilian official confirmed to have Coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Donald Trump may be tested after meeting with Brazilian official
Donald Trump to be tested after meeting Brazilian official confirmed to have Coronavirus.

Donald Trump has admitted he “most likely” will be tested for coronavirus.
During a press conference at the White House he was asked about contact he had with a Brazilian official who has coronavirus.
He replied to say he will “most likely” be tested for the coronavirus “fairly soon”, but says he has “no symptoms”.
Trump dined with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Saturday night, along with Bolsonaro’s press secretary Fabio Wajngarten, who was diagnosed with the disease following the trip.
Tests negative for COVID-19 Mr President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro,” said a post on his Facebook page, above an old image of Bolsonaro making an obscene local gesture in an apparent response to some media reports that a first test had been positive.

Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo tweeted that his test had also come back negative. The results for others in the Brazilian delegation, including Bolsonaro’s wife Michelle and Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, have not yet been published.
However, Bolsonaro’s lawyer, Karina Kufa, who was part of the delegation, has tested positive, according to Brazilian daily O Globo.
“Life continues normally, we have many challenges ahead and many problems to solve,” Bolsonaro said outside his official residence.
He waved to supporters but said it was better not to shake their hands.
Trump told reporters on Thursday: “I’m not concerned.”
Meanwhile Trump opened tonight’s press conference at the White House by making claims which have repeatedly come under fire that the White House response has been a success.
Trump has been attacked for politicising the coronavirus while blaming foreign countries for the spread to the virus rather than viewing it as a global issue.
Trump and his administration have been repeatedly accused of lying over the progress they have made in combating the virus while also providing information that contradicted the country’s experts.
Trump also revealed the UK could be added to the list of European countries included in the US travel ban.
He told reporters during a White House press conference on Friday that the UK exemption had been made after being “recommended to me by a group of professionals” but he said the UK’s rising number of cases could result in a re-think of that decision. (Mirror)

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